Resolving a Backup Error

If your ATC Manager has been running for a long time, the Redis database might exceed the default maximum size allowed by the RDS. When this occurs, a StateStoreArchiverImpl error is logged in /opt/aspera/var/log/atcm/atc-api.log.

You cannot change values in the default DB Parameter Group. To resolve this error, create a new DB Parameter Group and edit the configuration to have a larger maximum packet size.

  1. Create a DB Parameter Group called atcm.
  2. Increase the value for max_allowed_packet to 51200000 (equivalent to 50 MB).
    Instructions for modifying DB Parameter Group values are provided in the article in step 1.
  3. Modify your RDS to use the new atcm DB Parameter Group.
  4. Restart the DB to activate your changes.