Command Line Transfers with ATCM

Transfers with ATCM use the xfer transfer user who is authenticated with the Aspera Connect private key and authorized to the object storage by a Basic token. The Basic token can be set as the environment variable ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN or specified in the command line using -W "Basic token_string".

  1. If you do not already have an Aspera client application (you can test your system by running ascp -A on the command line), download and install CLI or Desktop Client.
  2. Retrieve the authentication token associated with your access key.
    On the Clusters page, select the cluster, click Access Keys, and click Details for your access key. Copy the value for Authentication Token.
  3. Set the token as an environment variable (optional).
    Aspera recommends setting the token as an environment variable so that you do not need to specify it in the command line (which can be done by specifying the -W option, see the next step for an example).


    > set ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN=Basic actual_token_value

    For example:

    > set ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN=Basic ZDFQbGJaQjN4cHRxS3d2a29hM19TdeopsedoitgxcTRUWi05SmxSTld2SGlRZ1VQZmxZQ0tlQjVWRlFsbXBKdDUtQ3ZS

    Linux and Mac OS X:

    # export ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN="Basic actual_token_value"

    For example:

    # export ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN="Basic ZDFQbGJaQjN4cHRxS3d2a29hM19TdeopsedoitgxcTRUWi05SmxSTld2SGlRZ1VQZmxZQ0tlQjVWRlFsbXBKdDUtQ3ZS"
  4. Initiate a command line transfer to ATCM.
    The following is the upload syntax if the Basic token is set as an environment variable.
    $> ascp -i /full/path/to/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa --mode=send -P 33001 -l target_rate /path/to/source/filename xfer@node_dns:destination_path


    • -i sets the path to the Aspera private key.

      If you installed CLI, the Aspera private key is found in the following location:

      • Windows: C:\installation_path\cli\etc\aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa
      • Linux: ~/.aspera/cli/etc/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa
      • macOS: /Users/username/Applications/Aspera CLI/etc/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa

      If you installed Desktop Client, the Aspera private key is found in the following location:

      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Aspera\Client\var\aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa
      • Linux: /opt/aspera/var/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa
      • macOS: /Library/Aspera/var/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa
    • --mode sets the direction of the transfer (send for upload, recv for download)
    • -P sets the TCP port that is used to initiate the transfer
    • -l sets the target transfer rate (optional, default is 10000 Kbps)
    • the source path is the full path to the file or directory on the local computer
    • xfer is the transfer username that is used to authenticate the transfer (xfer is the default that is used by the transfer service)
    • node_dns is the cluster DNS
    • destination_path is the destination path on your storage relative to the docroot specified in the access key (leave blank or set to "/" to transfer to the root directory of the access key)

    For example:

    $> ascp -i /opt/aspera/var/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa -P 33001 -l 200m /images/image01.png

    If you did not set the token as an environment variable, use -W:

    $> ascp -i /full/path/to/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa -W "Basic token_string" -P 33001 -l target_rate source_files xfer@:node_dnsdestination_path

    For example:

    $> ascp -i /opt/aspera/var/aspera_tokenauth_id_rsa -W "Basic ZGlEZXVGTGNwRzlJWWRzdnhqMFNDcTRtT29oTkpUS3ZwNVEyblJXakRnSUE6YXNwZXJh" -P 33001 -l 200m /images/image01.png