Updating the Cluster Configuration

Many configuration settings can be updated on a running cluster, while others require that the nodes are relaunched to activate the changes. All settings can be edited by clicking Action > Edit Cluster Configuration and editing the cluster configuration file, and some, such as SSL certificates, can be edited by clicking the cluster and going to the relevant tab.
Note: Configurations that can only be set upon initial boot require relaunching the nodes in the cluster. Currently the administrator has to terminate and launch new nodes manually.

Options Configurable on a Live Server

To update a running cluster, click Action > Edit Cluster Configuration to open the cluster configuration file. For a few settings, click the cluster and open the relevant tab. Once your changes are saved, Cluster Manager pushes the new configuration settings to the nodes and restarts the necessary services.
Configuration Cluster Conf Setting GUI
EIP pool eip_pool  
Image ID for cluster nodes
Note: Changing this setting triggers an image upgrade. For more information, see Upgrading Cluster Nodes
DNS authentication and TTL configuration service_credentials and ttl, in the dns_manager_config section  
Cluster timeout settings cluster_master_activity_spec  
SSHD configuration sshd_admin_config and sshd_transfer_config  
Max bandwidth max_bandwidth  
Use bandwidth use_bandwidth  
Use buffer uitilization use_buffer_utilization  
Auto scaling configuration settings in the auto_scaler_config section See Configuring the Auto Scaling Policy
SSL certificate ssl_certificate See Installing SSL Certificates
Transfer server configuration file (aspera.conf) settings in the aspera_conf section Click the cluster and go to the Transfer Configuration tab.

For detailed descriptions of the transfer settings, see Aspera Enterprise Server Admin Guide for Linux: aspera.conf - Transfer.

Options Configurable by Relaunching Nodes

The following options can only be set during the server boot process. To change these settings and apply them to cluster nodes, Aspera recommends editing the cluster configuration file, then terminating nodes one by one to cycle them out of the cluster. Cluster Manager relaunches the nodes with the new settings.

Configuration Cluster Conf Section
Infrastructure vm_parameters
Security groups sg_groups
SSH keys vm_parameters
VPC subnet_ids
License entitlement license_spec