Configuring an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Deploying ATC Manager in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables you to control ingress and egress to the Internet.

  1. Create the VPC.
    From the AWS Console, go to Service > VPC. Select Your VPCs from the left side menu, and click Create VPC.
  2. Enter the desired CIDR block (for example, and click Yes, Create.
  3. Enable DNS Hostname for the newly created VPC.
    Select Edit DNS Hostnames from the Actions drop-down menu. Click Yes to enable DNS Hostnames and click Save.
  4. Create an Internet Gateway.
    Select Internet Gateways from the left hand navigation menu. Click on Create Internet Gateway, and then click on Yes, Create from the menu option.
  5. Create a Route Table.
    Select Routing Table from the left hand navigation menu. Click on Create Route Table, and create a new Route Table that is associated with your VPC. On the Routes tab, add your new Gateway to your routing table.
  6. Create at least two subnets in each Availability Zone.
    Select Subnets from left side navigation menu, and click on Create Subnet. In Create Subnet Dialogue, select your VPC and Availability Zone. Enter a unique CIDR Block (for example, Click on Yes, Create button. Repeat the process to create a second subnet, with another unique CIDR Block.
  7. Associate your subnets with your routing table.
    Still on the Subnets page, click the Route Table tab and click Edit. For each subnet, select your new route table from the Change to list, then click Save.
Once you have your private VPC set up, create an internal elastic load balancer (ELB). For instructions, see Creating an Internal Elastic Load Balancer in AWS.