Monitoring Cluster Nodes

You can view the status of individual nodes in your clusters on the Monitor Nodes page in the ATC Manager UI. On the Clusters page, either click Action > Monitor Nodes or click the number in the Nodes column.

The Monitor Nodes page shows a table of the nodes in the cluster with their current state:

Node Details:

To view the state of Aspera services (such as ALEE, Node, and Trap) and the version of Enterprise Server that is installed on the node, click the row of a node.

Auto Scaling Configuration:

To view the cluster's auto scaling configuration, click Auto Scaling Policy. To disable auto scaling, click Action > Disable Auto Scaling. The cluster continues to run but does not launch new nodes if the transfer load increases.

Event Log:

To view system event messages, click Event Log.

Click the buttons corresponding to the types of events you want to view (multiple buttons can be selected). Use the text bar to search messages for specific text.

  • ERROR shows error messages and which node reported them.
  • WARN shows warnings that occur when an Aspera service is degraded and restarting.
  • INFO shows a log of service events.