Purging Transfer Data from MySQL

The Cluster Manager, by default, purges all data older than seven days from your MySQL database. Follow the instructions below to change the minimum age of statistics to be purged.
  1. SSH into the Cluster Manager.
  2. Open the following file in a text editor: /opt/aspera/stats-collector/etc/stats-collector.properties.
  3. Change the purgestats.age configuration option to the value of your choice. It is 7days by default.
    Note: The puregestats.enabled configuration must be set to true. It is true by default.
    For example, to reduce the minimum age of statistics to three days, set purgestats.age to 3d.
  4. Restart the stats-collector service.
    # /opt/aspera/stats-collector/bin/aspera-stats-collector-init.sh stop
    # /opt/aspera/stats-collector/bin/aspera-stats-collector-init.sh start