Configuring for Faspex

If you plan to use the Aspera CLI to browse the contents of a remote directory through Faspex, you must configure the client after installing it. The settings that affect the Aspera CLI with faspex browse reside in the following file:
In a text editor, edit the .aspera_cli_conf file to set the following:

Configuration File Syntax

The Aspera CLI package installs a .aspera_cli_conf file with sample configurations that you can use to see the correct syntax for this file.

Credentials in Your Configuration File

The username and password credentials that you set in the .aspera_cli_conf file should be the same as the credentials for the Node API user on your Faspex server (not host system credentials).

Defining Multiple Servers

You can define multiple servers in the .aspera_cli_conf file, and multiple sources for each server. Then at the command line, you can specify which one to use, with the uid or name value that you defined in the configuration file.