Creating a Cookie Parsing Rule

Note: Cookie configuration applies only to the use of custom cookies. Console does not apply parsing rules to cookies it recognizes as standard cookies used by Aspera products.
In an ascp command-line transfer, you can specify the transfer cookie with an environment variable.
set ASPERA_SCP_COOKIE=custom_cookie
Using a rule, Console can match the set cookie string and then substitute it for selected transfer information.
  1. Go to Configuration > Cookies. Click New Rule.
  2. Name the rule.
  3. Configure the cookie.
    Enter the regular expression Console uses to filter transfers. If this string matches a transfer, Console includes the cookie in the transfer and the information in the other fields is used in the transfer session.
    Tip: The format used for regular expression is the RUBY format described here:
  4. Configure the cookie with the following information:
  5. Click Create.

When you have multiple cookie parsing rules, Console uses the first rule listed that matches the cookie string. To modify the order of the parsing rules, drag-and-drop the rules in the list. If two rules have identical regular expressions, the rule that is higher in the list is applied.

It is possible to capture parts of the cookie and reuse the value in the three parameters. For instance to enable setting the three transfer fields directly from the initiating application, one can fill in the fields with the following configurations:
Field Description
Rule name MyCustomCookieRule
Regexp ^setcustomfields:(.+?):(.+?):(.+?):$
Started via /1
Contact description /2
Transfer name /3
For example, the following cookie replaces Started via with "My App", Contact description with "My Contact", and Transfer name with "My Transfer".
set ASPERA_SCP_COOKIE="setcustomfields:My App:My Contact:My Transfer:"