Backing Up the Current Console Configuration

If you need to revert to a previous configuration of Console or want to upload a preset configuration file to a new Console, follow these instructions to backup and restore your Console configurations.
Note: This Console backup will not back up the following files:
  • Node users
  • SSL certificates
  1. Stop Console background processes.
    Go to Configuration > Background from the Console menu and stop the background processes.
  2. Back up SSH keys.
    Back Up the following directory: /root/.ssh.
  3. Back up node users.
    # /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin --backup=/backup/api-xfer-mapping
  4. Back up SSL Certificates.
    Note: This step is only applicable if you have purchased SSL certificates and IBM Aspera Shares is installed on your machines.
    # cp /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.key  /backup/cert.key
    # cp /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.pem  /backup/cert.pem
  5. Navigate to Configuration > Save/Restore and select Download Current Configuration.
    Important: If you use the Safari web browser, you need to make sure the Open "safe" files after downloading option is unchecked in Safari's general settings, before downloading the backup file. Otherwise, the file will be downloaded as a .tar file, rather than a .tar.gz file, and will not work when the user attempts to restore the server with this file.
  6. Restart Console background processes from Configuration > Background.
To restore Console to a saved configuration, see Restoring the Current Console Configuration.