Reference: Built-In Fields for Custom Field Rules

Built-In Fields Available for Creating Custom Field Rules (for Transfer-Level Fields)

Transfer Field Description
Client Address IP address of transfer initiator.
Client User Client-side username. Null for all transfers, except for transfers initiated by the Console.
Contact Contact assigned by Console. This can be a Console user name, a Faspex Server user name, SSH account, or customized value obtained from a transfer cookie. Examples: "admin console", "aspera ssh", "aspera faspex".
Cookie Custom identifying text attached to a transfer session. This text is used by the Console to identify and name transfers.
Destination Address IP address of transfer destination (use for general purpose).
Destination Path The file path on the destination machine.
Destination User If upload, dest_user is the server user. If download, dest_user is client user (NULL, unless initiated from Console). For everyday purposes, recommend using contact field instead.
Direction The direction of the transfer from the perspective of the client. "Upload" if the transfer is a push; "Download" if the transfer is a pull.
Meta-tags JSON hash used to tag transfers with additional data.
Faspex Metadata Information provided by Faspex, encoded in the transfer cookie. See Basic Report Example: Faspex Metadata.
Server Address IP address of the server.
Server User SSH account specified when the transfer starts (should always be displayed).
Source Address IP address of transfer source.
Source Paths File paths on the source machine.
Source User If upload, source_user is the client user. If download, source_user is server user.
Started Via The name of the application (Aspera or custom) that is responsible for initiating the transfer (for example, aspera.scp, aspera.sync, etc.).
Token Security token used for the transfer (note that this depends on whether or not the application that started the transfer is configured to use tokens).
Transfer Name Human-readable name assigned to a transfer. This name may have been keyed in by the user or automatically set by an application.

Built-In Fields Available for Creating Custom Field Rules (for File-Level Fields)

Note: Setting up file-level custom fields is NOT recommended for customers that transfer many small files, as this will result in scaling issues.
File Field Name Description
File Bytes Transferred Total bytes successfully received over the network.
File Error Desc Error message for the file, if any.
File Extension Portion of the filename after the last period (.)
File Full Destination Path File's full path from the destination's point-of-view.
File Full Source Path File's full path from the source's point-of-view.
File Name Name of the file, without its path (for example, "my_file.txt" rather than "C:\temp\my_file.txt")
File Size Size of the file in bytes.
File Status Status of transfer or file (for example, "running," "completed," "canceled" or "error").