Installing Console

Warning: Due to incompatible common components, do not install IBM Aspera Console and IBM Aspera Faspex on the same machine. Aspera does not support this combination.

This topic describes how to perform a fresh installation of Console. To start the installation process, log into your computer as an Administrator and follow the steps below. If you are upgrading Console rather than starting a fresh installation, please refer instead to Upgrading Console to the Current Version.

  1. Download Console installation components.

    Use the credentials provided by Aspera to download both the Console installer and the common components from the Aspera website:

  2. Run the downloaded installation components.
    Run these commands with proper administrative permissions. Replace file names accordingly:
    $ rpm -Uvh aspera-common-version.rpm
    $ rpm -Uvh aspera-console-version.rpm
  3. Run the asctl setup command.
    Run the following command:
    $ asctl console:setup
  4. Perform a streamlined setup or a detailed setup. Press Enter to select a streamlined setup unless you need to configure non-standard ports or to configure components running on other servers. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.
To access the Console interface, go to the following address with a browser: http://server_ip_or_name:port/aspera/console. For instructions on logging in for the first time, see Logging Into Console for the First Time.