Purging Data from Console

You can archive or purge data from Console (for example, purge all sessions before January 1, 2000) by clicking the Purge button from the Database Backups page and completing the fields.
  1. Schedule Console to purge the data now or at a later date.
    • Run now: Back up the database immediately.
    • Run later: Specify a time in the future or configure a repeating purge operation.
  2. Select time frame of data to purge.
    Choose the date by entering a number and selecting day, week, or month from the drop-down menu. Make sure the automatically updated date displayed next to the drop-down menu is the desired day before proceeding.
  3. Choose the type of transfers to include.
    Select All closed transfers or choose from the following list:
    • All successful transfers
    • All cancelled transfers
    • All error transfers
    • All inactive transfers
    • All zero-byte transfers
  4. Save the data being purged for archiving purposes.
    Select Save data being purged? and enter the desired absolute path into the Save to field (for example, /tmp/data or D:\data\). The purged data will then be stored in the file purged_data.sql in the directory: [absolute path]/console_purge_YYYY-MM-DD_hhmmss/ .
    Tip: Saved purged data can be restored by following the instructions in Restoring Purged Data.
  5. When finished, click the Purge Now or Schedule Purge button (depending on whether you selected Run now or Run later above).