Converting Legacy Nodes

A node running an Aspera transfer product with a version prior to 3.4.6 is considered a legacy node and continues to report to Console using the legacy mechanism. To take full advantage of Console's architecture, upgrade the Aspera transfer products on legacy nodes to the latest version and convert legacy nodes to use the Node API in the Console 3.0+ Node Maintenance page.
Important: Once you convert from a legacy node to a regular node, you cannot revert back to a legacy node.
  1. On the node machine, upgrade your Aspera transfer product to its latest version. To check the version of the running transfer product, run the following command:
    # ascp -A
  2. Configure an administrative account and API user on your node machine.
  3. From the Console menu, select Nodes. Select the edit link for a node that Console shows is a "Legacy Node".
  4. Click Node API and enter your Node API credentials for the node machine.
    For more information on updating a node's admin credentials, see Updating a Node's Admin Credentials.
  5. Click Convert and then click Convert to use Node API. When prompted by the browser to confirm conversion, click OK.
    Note: If you do not see Convert to use Node API, make sure you have correctly configured your Node API credentials on the machine and entered them into Console. Edit the node in Console, click Credentials, and click Test Credentials.
  6. Select Open all to expand all available configuration options. Clear any overridden values in the Database and Transfer Server sections.
  7. Select Save changes.
  8. Restart the Aspera Central service on the node.
    • Windows:

      Use the Computer Management window. Go to Manage > Services and Applications >Services.

    • Linux:
      # service asperacentral restart
    • OS X:
      $ sudo launchctl stop com.aspera.asperacentral
      $ sudo launchctl start com.aspera.asperacentral
Console now displays your legacy node as a regular node in the node list.