Set a Global Docroot for the Node

A document root, or docroot, is the area of a machine that a system user has permission to access. Setting docroots are important for maintaining security by keeping unqualified users from accessing confidential information.
  1. Go to Nodes and click edit for the node.
  2. Go to Accounts and click edit for the user or group you want to configure.
  3. Expand the Docroot configuration section and click Browse. Choose the file directory you want to set as the docroot.

    The docroot is a security feature that allows you to restrict the area asperawatchfolderd can access. If you need to acces the entire file system, you can set the docroot path as / or leave it empty. The directory you choose is configured in the aspera.conf configuration file on the transfer node.

    For example, if you configure the docroot path to be / for the user root, configuring the docroot adds the following configuration to the <aaa> section of aspera.conf:

  4. Click Save changes.