Adding Unmanaged Nodes

It is best practice to keep all your nodes up to date with the latest version of IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, IBM Aspera Connect Server, or IBM Aspera Point-to-Point Client. Verify the machine's product version with the administrator of the node.
  1. Go to Nodes. Click List Unmanaged Nodes.
  2. Click New Unmanaged Node.
  3. Enter the node's Address (IP or domain name), Name, and SSH Port number.
  4. Select the SSH Encryption method.
  5. Click Create when finished.
  6. To verify that your new node has been created, select List Unmanaged Nodes and look for your unmanaged node in the table.
A connection should be established between Console and your unmanaged node. To edit or remove a node, go to Nodes and click List Managed Nodes for a list of managed nodes. Click edit or delete for the designated node.