Creating Console Users

Console user is a Console login account with customizable access permissions. Except for administrator accounts, Console user permissions are managed through group assignment. A Console user inherits permissions from its groups.
Note: Console users are not directly related to the login account to a node.
  1. Go to Accounts > Users and click New User.
  2. Enter a login username, the user's first and last name and an email address. Set the user's time zone.
    Important: All activity on the Console is dated according to the user's time zone.
  3. Optional: Select Set password to create a password for the user account. If you do not set a password, Console generates a temporary password for the account and emails the password to the user.
    Tip: You can change password requirements in the Console Password Options section. Go to Configuration > Defaults For more information on password requirements, see Configuring Console Defaults.
  4. Optional: Disable user login by clearing Active (allow user to login).
    If you wish to finish setting permissions for the user account before allowing the user to log in, disable the account by clearing Active (allow user to login). To re-enable the account, return to these settings and select Active (allow user to login). User login is enabled by default.
  5. Optional: Disable reporting features for the user by clearing Reports Allowed.
  6. When finished, click Create.
    The system sends an account creation notification email to the designated email with the account's username and password. If you do not set a password, Console generates a temporary password for the account and include that in the email.

The following step is only applicable when creating non-admin users. All admin users have full permissions to all groups and transfer paths. After creating a non-admin user, Console redirects you to the user permissions page.

  1. Assign the user to Console groups.
    Assign the user to groups with the desired transfer-path permissions. To assign the user to a group, select a group from the drop-down menu and click Add. You can review the Console user's transfer permissions in a table listing all transfer paths accessible by this user
Once the Console user account is created, users can log in to Console with the proper account credentials. To deactivate this account or make other changes to it, go to Accounts > Users. Locate the account you want to change in the list of all Console users.