Updating a Node's Admin Credentials

If you have not already configured an administrative account on your node machine for use with IBM Aspera Console, see the following instructions:
IBM Aspera Console connects to a managed node through SSH for file browsing and node configuration. You must update Console with the node's SSH credentials before Console can access the node.

If Console automatically redirected you to the Admin Credentials page as part of the process of adding a new managed node, skip the first step.

  1. Go to Nodes. Click the edit link for the managed node, and click the Credentials tab.
  2. Select Edit Credentials.
  3. If you want to configure the node from Console, enter the node machine's SSH login credentials.
    Enter the administrative account username and password to allow Console to connect to the node machine. You can authenticate the account in one of two ways:
    • Password authentication: Enter the account password.
    • Public key authentication: Select Use SSH Key and select your uploaded key. To use public key authentication, you must have your SSH private key configured in Console. For instructions, on how to configure SSH keys in Console, see SSH Keys.
  4. Enter the node machine's Node API credentials.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Click Test Credentials to make sure Console has a working connection to the node.
    If successful, the message "Successfully connected to node via SSH and Node API" appears in green at the top of the page.
A connection is established between Console and your managed node. To edit or remove a node, go to Nodes for a list of managed nodes and click edit or delete for the designated node.