Backing Up Console with the Web UI

There are two different ways to back up the Console database:
  1. Through the asctl command, which backs up only the MySQL database. Use this method before a Console upgrade procedure, or to guard against possible database corruption.
  2. Through the Console web UI, which backs up the MySQL database in addition to all the files required to fully restore the Console application. Use this method for disaster recovery purposes, in order to restore Console when the entire server is lost.
  1. Select Configuration > Database from the Console menu. Click Back Up.
  2. Enter the desired path of the Console machine into the Save to field. This path is the destination folder for the console_full_backup_YYYY-MM-DD_hhmmss backup file.
  3. Schedule the backup to Run Now or to Run Later.
    • Click Run now: Back up the database immediately.
    • Click Run later: Specify a time in the future or configure a repeating backup operation.
  4. Click Back Up Now.
Once Console has been backed up, the backup file appears on the Database Backups page, where scheduled, current, and recent backups are listed. To view details on a particular backup, click anywhere in the backup's row.