Configuring Console Defaults

The Console Defaults configuration page lets you to set up system defaults for Console, such as IP address and SSH timeout), as well as defaults for transfers (target rate, minimum rate, bandwidth policy, and so on) and login security. To access the Console and Transfer Defaults configuration page, select Configuration > Defaults from the Console menu.

Console Defaults

Item Description
Console database IP address Enter the Console database IP address.
Warn when database free space less than The space watcher background jobs warns you when available space drops below the set number of gigabytes. Set to zero to disable space watcher warnings.
Skip non-error transfers older than If a submitted transfer doesn't start after the specified number of minutes, then flag it as having an error.
Mongrel Timeout Enter the number of seconds to wait for a response when testing mongrels.
Node Polling Timeout Enter the number of seconds the SOAP Poller background process waits for a response when testing a node.
Mark Inactive Timeout Enter the number of seconds Console waits before marking a session as inactive.
File Browsing Timeout Enter the number of seconds to wait for a response from a node when browsing file lists (over and above the SSH timeout to connect).
File Browsing Max Items Enter the maximum number of items to retrieve from a node when browsing file lists.
Default SSH Encryption Select the default SSH encryption algorithm for non-Console nodes.
Note: Console presents this algorithm as the standard, but you can change the algorithm when adding a new node.
Remote Login Connection Timeout Enter the number of seconds Console waits before timing out when establishing a connection to a remote server.
Remote Login Response Timeout Enter the number of seconds Console waits before timing out when waiting for the remote server's response.
SSH Timeout Enter the timeout value in seconds for the SSH connection.
SSH Tunnel Start Port Start assigning SSH tunnel ports at the specified port number.
Advanced Search Timeout Enter the timeout value in seconds before advanced search returns current results.
Email Notification Delay Enter the number of seconds to wait after initiating a transfer before producing notification emails.
Total Bandwidth Graph Select this option to track total bandwidth usage across all notes on the Dashboard graph.
Advanced File Search Select this option to allow users to search the entire database for filenames when using advanced search.
Note: This may slow down Console if your database contains a large number of files.
Email Recipients Select this option to allow email recipients to see each other's addresses.
Session notifications Select this option to allow non-admins to access the session notifications page.
Smart Transfer Start Permissions Select this option to allow users whose transfer path includes "Any" or addresses without a username to start any matching smart transfer that is shared and uses non-personal endpoints. For example, userA is authorized to use a transfer path that has one endpoint set to and the other set to "Any". If userB's shared smart transfer is set up with non-personal endpoints on (source) and (destination), it will appear in userA's smart transfers list and can be started by userA.
Smart Transfer Sharing Select this option to allow users to share smart transfers with personal logins.
Smart Transfer Editing Select this option to allow administrators to edit each other's smart transfers.
Failover / Load balancing Behavior Select Failover + Load balancing for Console to use the least busy node(s) first. For more information, see Configure Failover Groups.
Watchfolders Enable the watchfolder feature in Console.
Watchfolders per page Configure the number of watch folders to display per page when browsing configured watch folders.
Proxy Select this option to turn on the proxy. This feature enables Console to remotely browse nodes when Console is prohibited from making SSH connections to public IP addresses.
Proxy: Address Enter the IP address of the proxy.
Proxy: Port Enter the port number for the proxy.
Proxy: Use SSL Select this option to use SSL with your proxy.
Proxy: Login Enter the login for the proxy user.
Proxy: Password Enter the password for the proxy user.

Transfer Defaults

Item Description
Target Rate Set the default target rate.
Minimum Rate Set the minimum rate.
Bandwidth Policy Set the default transfer policy (choose among low, high, fair, and fixed).
Max. Retry Attempts Set the maximum retry attempts.
Retry Interval Set the retry interval in seconds.
Transport Encryption Select between not-encrypted or aes-128 encryption.
File Compare Type Select a file comparison type to verify transferred files.
File Overwrite Policy Select an overwrite policy.

Report Generation

Item Description
Retention Period The number of days to keep generated reports before deleting them automatically.
Maximum Email Attachment Size The maximum size in megabytes of CSV/XLSX files that may be sent by email. (Generated files can still be downloaded from the Reports page.)
File Maximum Data Length The maximum size in megabytes of the result table for which CSV/XLSX files may be generated. (CSV/XLSX files are not generated if the result table is larger than this.) This setting is useful for preventing Console from trying to convert a giant data set into a file and running out of disk space.
Maximum XLS file rows The maximum number of rows allowed for generated XLS files.


Item Description
Session Timeout Sessions will timeout after the specified number of minutes of inactivity.
Deactivate Users Deactivate a Console user if there has been "X" failed login attempts within "X" minutes.
Prevent concurrent login If this checkbox is enabled, users can only be logged in from one client at a time.
Suppress logging of transfer tokens
Select this option to suppress tokens from being written to the database. Existing tokens already in the database are unaffected.
Note: After enabling this feature, you may experience some lag before the setting takes effect if a request is already in progress and the node is taking a long time to reply.

Console Password Options

Item Description
Password Expiration Select this option to expire number of days
Password Duration Enter the number of days before passwords expire. Setting the value to 0 will disable this feature.
Password Reuse Limit Enter the number of passwords users need to go through before they can reuse an old password. Setting the value to 0 disables this feature.
Password Requirement Regular Expression Enter a regular expression to specify password requirements. Leave blank to set no requirements.
Note: You can select the Restore Default link to reset the password requirement to the following: "Passwords must be at least six characters long, with at least one letter, one number, and one symbol."
Password Requirement Message Set a message describing the password requirements for users setting a new password.

Empty sessions (successfully completed with 0 bytes transferred)

Item Description
Leave in database Log no-transfer sessions in the database.
Delete if hot folder Delete no-transfer sessions that are hot folder sessions.
Delete all Delete all no-transfer sessions.