Configuring the Map

You can configure Console to display the locations of your nodes on the dashboard map.
  1. Go to Configuration > Map.
  2. Select or upload a map image for use on the Console dashboard.
    • Upload a new map image: Click Upload Map File. Upload the file and then click select. For best results, Aspera strongly recommends using an image with a ratio of 16:9 (for example, 800 x 450).
    • Select existing map image: Choose one of two default map images or any previously uploaded image as the dashboard map by clicking the select link.
    Note: To delete a map image you have uploaded, click the delete link.
  3. Configure node to show on map.
    Edit your node and click the Map tab. Select Show on Map. Click and drag the green icon to its proper location on the map.
The configured nodes appear on the map on the Dashboard. Ongoing transfers between nodes are represented by a line between the nodes.