Configure the Apache HTTP Server

You may configure Console's Apache HTTP Server to use a different host name, communication port, and namespace using asctl commands.

Change the Number of Mongrel servers

By default, Console opens four mongrel servers. To change it, for example, from the default (4) to 10, use the following command:
> asctl console:mongrel_count 10

Update the Hostname

During the installation, you should have configured the Console's hostname. Use this command to print the current hostname:
> asctl apache:hostname
To change the hostname, use the following command. Replace HOSTNAME with the new hostname:
> asctl apache:hostname HOSTNAME
Important: When changing the hostname, the server's SSL certificate should be regenerated. Select (y) when prompted to generate a new SSL certificate.
When the hostname is updated, advise your clients of the new URL. In this example, use the following address:

Change HTTP and HTTPS ports

By default, Console's web servers are running on TCP/80 (HTTP) and TCP/443 (HTTPS). Use the following commands to update these ports (where, in this example, we TCP/7080 for HTTP and TCP/7443 for HTTPS):
Item Command
> asctl apache:http_port 7080
> asctl apache:https_port 7443

Change Console namespace

Console uses the namespace /aspera/console by default. Use this command to print the current namespace:
> asctl console:uri_namespace
To set the namespace to, for example, /console, use the following command:
> asctl console:uri_namespace /console
When the namespace is updated, advise your client of the new URL. For example, if your Console server's address is, use this URL:
Note: Refer to asctl Command Reference for a complete asctl command reference.