Configuring Virtual Links

Configure Virtual Links (Vlink) on a node to create a "virtual" bandwidth cap for the node. Transfer sessions assigned to the same Vlink take up equal shares of the capped bandiwdth.
  1. Go to Nodes, find the desired node, and click edit. Click Vlinks > New Vlink.
  2. Enter a number for the Vlink ID and name the Vlink. Sessions assigned with the same ID share the same bandwidth cap.
  3. Select True to activate the Vlink.
  4. Enter a value for the capacity. When applying this Vlink to a transfer, the transfer's bandwidth will be restricted by this value.
  5. Click Create.

After creating a new Vlink, you have the option of configuring the Vlink to run on a schedule by clicking Edit Time Varying Schedule and then New Schedule. For more information on scheduling Vlinks, see Scheduling Virtual Links.