Scheduling Virtual Links

After creating a new virtual link, you have the option of configuring the Vlink to run on a schedule.
  1. Go to Nodes, find the desired node, and click edit. Click Vlinks, find the desired Vlink, and click edit.
  2. Click Edit Time Varying Schedule and click New Schedule.

    Configure the following options.

    Options Description
    On the following days Select the days or set of days for which the bandwidth rate cap is enforced.
    From the following time Enter a time to start the bandwidth rate cap.
    To the following time Enter a time to stop the bandwidth rate cap.
    Set the rate to Enter a value for the scheduled virtual bandwidth cap. When applying this Vlink to a transfer, the transfer's bandwidth will be restricted by this value based on the configured schedule.
    Note: Overlapping time schedules are not supported. If there are overlapping schedules, they are not accurately reflected in the Vlinks chart, and precedence is indeterminate.
  3. Click Update.