Configuring the Directory Service

Important: You must install IBM Aspera Shares locally or on a remote host before you can configure a directory service. For information on installing the latest version of Shares, please review the Administrator's Guide.

Before continuing, please ensure that the following prerequisites have been satisfied:

  1. Go to Accounts > Directories from the Console menu.
  2. Select Remote Authentication to enable remote authentication so that Console can access the groups and users on your Shares server.
  3. Enter the base URL.
    Shares users and groups are authenticated through this Node API base URL. The standard base URL is https://shares_IP_address/api/v1.
    Note: Because you must use HTTPS to connect to your Shares directory service, ensure that your Node API base URL uses HTTPS, rather than HTTP.
  4. Enter the Shares Node API user credentials.
  5. Click Save and test settings.
Once the directory service is successfully connected, you can add remote users and remote groups by boing to Users > Groups. For more information, see Adding Remote Users and Adding Remote Groups.