Email Template Example: Creating a Simple Notification for a Successful Transfer

The following example shows how to create an email template that notifies a user of a successful transfer with minimal information.
  1. Select Create new transfer success email template and then edit.
  2. Name your template "Client Success Email".
  3. Enter a From Name and Reply-to Address if you don't want the notification to come from the default email address.
  4. Enter a new email subject: "Client Transfer Notification - Success".
  5. Click Edit Plain Template and make remove variables to limit information provided to the recipient.
    For example:
    Client Transfer Notification
    Description of the Transfer:        DESCRIPTION     
    Client Name:                        CONTACT                
    Total Bytes Transferred:            BYTES_TRANSFERRED  
    Total Time for Transfer:            ELAPSED_TIME
    Average Transfer Rate:              AVERAGE_RATE               
    You are receiving this message because your Aspera Console preferences
    are set to receive these notifications or someone else thought you 
    should know about this particular transfer.
    The end result should look like the following:

  6. Edit HTML Template to match the information in the basic template.
    The end result should look like the following:

  7. Click the Send Test Email button to test the new email template.