Configure Failover Groups


A failover group contains a group of different nodes that act as substitutes for the original node in the case that the original node becomes unavailable. When a node goes offline, Console also restarts any transfers in progress on that node, submitting them to a different node in the group.
Note: Transfer failover only activates if the status of a node is set to error. Transfers that are inactive do not failover.

Node Requirements

Nodes must have identical passwords, transfer accounts, and docroots to be grouped together. Make sure each node has identical configurations for each item in the following list before adding them to a failover group:

Adding a Node to a Failover Group

When adding or editing a node, select Enable failover and load balancing for Console-initiated transfers on this node. Add the node to an existing group or select enter new name from the Failover Group Name drop-down menu to create a new group.

If you select enter new name,enter a new failover group name in the prompt.

Endpoint Synchronization

Editing an endpoint on a node of a failover group makes those changes to the same endpoint on the other nodes in the failover group.
Note: Only saved and synchronized endpoints should be selected as a destination when starting a transfer.

Configuring Load Balancing

Go to Configuration > Console Defaults and configure the Failover / Load balancing Behavior option.