Installing Console

Warning: Due to incompatible common components, do not install IBM Aspera Console and IBM Aspera Faspex on the same machine. Aspera does not support this combination.

This topic describes how to perform a fresh installation of Console. To start the installation process, log into your computer as an Administrator (or Domain Administrator if in an Active Directory environment) and follow the steps below. If you are upgrading Console rather than starting a fresh installation, please refer instead to Upgrading Console to the Current Version.

  1. Upgrade to Windows Installer 4+.
    The Console installer requires Windows Installer 4+ for a successful configuration. You may download the latest version of Windows Installer from the Microsoft website:
  2. Download Console installation components.

    Use the credentials provided by Aspera to download the Console installer from the Aspera website:

  3. Run the downloaded installation components.

    Double-click the Console installer to start the installation.

    Note: If you are running Windows Server with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, run the installation as an administrator. Right-click the installer and click Run as administrator.
  4. Choose setup type
    Proceeding the Console's End-User License Agreement screen, you should see Choose Setup Type with the following two options:
    Option Description
    Typical Install all components required by Console, including the Console application, Ruby, MySQL common files, and Console's MySQL database.
    Custom Select the components to install. You can use your existing installation of Ruby, MySQL or Console's MySQL database for the new installation.

    If you select custom install, you can choose components to install in the following screen.

  5. Enter the user name and password of the system account used as the Aspera service account.
    This account can be either a local account or an Active Directory account. If the Aspera service account is an existing user, enter the user's password. Otherwise, create a new user name and password. By default, the user name is svcAspera. If the existing user's password you have entered is incorrect, or you want to change the Aspera service user, see Managing the Aspera Service Account.

  6. Run the asctl setup command.

    Once installation is complete, click Finish. By default, the installer automatically runs the asctlsetup command. If you do not want to run the setup command automatically, clear Launch asctl to continue the Console setup and click Finish.

    Note: If Console doesn't automatically run the setup command or an error halts the process, then you can run the command manually, as shown below.
    > asctl console:setup
  7. Add MySQL as an Aspera Central dependency.

    If you are installing Aspera Console on a computer that also has an Aspera transfer product installed (IBM Aspera Connect Server, IBM Aspera Enterprise Server, orIBM Aspera Point-to-Point Client), perform the following actions:

    > sc config asperacentral depend= "MySQL Server (Aspera)"
To access the Console interface, go to the following address with a browser: http://server_ip_or_name:port/aspera/console. For instructions on logging in for the first time, see Logging Into Console for the First Time.