The Localhost Node

IBM Aspera Console On Demand is automatically configured with a localhost node with two pre-configured accounts for your use: xfer and xfer2. Go to Nodes and the node appears on the list. Click edit and click Accounts to view the two accounts.Both are assigned a document root on the server in /mnt/ephemeral/data/$username.

Configuring Accounts for Transfers with a Standard Aspera Client

The xfer and xfer2 accounts are designed as transfer accounts to be used with the Shares web application, and therefore have been configured to require a valid token. If you want to transfer with the xfer or xfer2 account using a standard Aspera client, disable token authorization. Go to the Accounts tab on the localhost node, click edit for the account. Expand the Authorizations section and clear Override for Incoming Transfers and Outgoing Transfers.

You can also create new transfer users on this node. To create a new transfer account, see Editing the User or Group on a Node.