The Activity Overview

The Activity Overview page lists all transfers on all managed nodes. View the Activity Overview page by going to Activity. You can narrow down the list with the filter and advance into a transfer's session detail page. The Activity Overview screen displays the following information:
Item Description
NAME The transfer's name.
DETAILS The transfer initiator, source, and destination.
START This transfer's start time.
END The estimated time of arrival, or the transfer completion time.
STATUS Current status of this transfer.
AVG RATE The transfer rate of the active transfer, or the average rate of a past transfer.
ACTIONS Show all available actions. For example, pause and cancel for a running transfer or rerun for a past transfer.

The Current panel lists all currently active transfers, including running and queued transfers. The Past panel shows previous transfers, including those that were completed, canceled, or those that generated errors.
The filter options on the top can be used to narrow down the list.
Item Description
History Select the time frame to display the started transfers.
Scheduled Select the time frame to display the scheduled transfers.
Status Select a specific transfer status to display.
Search Search for keywords in transfer sessions.
You can also perform an advanced search by clicking on the advanced link. For more information on searching, see Search for a Transfer.