Running MySQL on a Separate Machine

After you have installed Console, you can further configure it to run the MySQL database on a remote machine. Follow these steps to run the web application and the MySQL database on two separate machines:

Note: This setup procedure involves steps on the Console machine and the MySQL machine. A MySQL machine or Console machine is indicated at each step.
  1. (MySQL machine) Download and execute the Console installer and install only Aspera Common Files.
    Download and execute the Console installer on the remote MySQL database computer.
  2. Select Custom.

  3. De-select the Aspera Console feature in the following screen.

  4. Create or update an Aspera service account.
    By default, the user name is svcAspera. If the server is configured to accept the domain user login, use a domain account that has been added to the local administrator's group to run the services.

    If the local account does not already exist, enter new credentials and click Next. The installer will create an account with the information you have entered. If the account exists (created through the previous installation), enter the account's password and click Next. If the existing user's password you have entered is incorrect, or you wish to change the Aspera service user, see Managing the Aspera Service Account.

  5. Select Install to start the installation.

    When finished, clear the Launch Asctl to configure Console option and click Finish to finish the installation.
  6. (MySQL machine) Setup MySQL database.

    On the MySQL machine, bring up a Command Prompt and execute this command to configure MySQL:

    asctl mysql:setup

    When started, the configuration program will ask you to use streamlined or detailed setup. Expect the following setup items in each setup method: (In detailed setup, answer y in the first question.)

    Item Streamlined Detailed
    MySQL will run on this machine (y/n)? (default: y)   X
    What port would you like MySQL to listen on? (default: 4406) X X
    Where would you like MySQL to store data: (default: C:/Program files/Common Files/Aspera/Common/myql/data)   X
    MySQL will need to start/restart during configuration. Continue (y/n)? (Current: y) X X

    Lastly, a setup summary shows your settings. Enter y to confirm, n to change settings, or x to quit the program without saving.

    When finished, execute this command to allow access for the Console machine. Replace the highlighted items to match your configuration (Enter the Console machine's address in <Console_server_IP>, and your MySQL password in <mysql_password>):

    asctl mysql:grant_remote_access <Console_server_IP> root <mysql_password>
  7. (Console machine) Configure Console to use a remote MySQL database.

    On the Console machine, execute this command to configure it to run MySQL on a remote machine:

    > asctl console:setup

    Answer n to the following question:

    MySQL will run on this machine (y/n)? (default: y)