Creating a New Email Notification Template

IBM Aspera Console allows you to create and modify email notification templates based on three transfer events: transfer start, transfer success, and transfer error. You can customize emails based on recipient needs by creating a new template. For example, an error notification email to an internal admin typically contains as much information as possible, while a notice to an outside party might contain a bare minimum of information. You can edit the included default templates, create and edit new templates, and change which templates are used as defaults.
  1. Go to Notifications > Email Templates.
  2. Click on the appropriate "Create new..." link.

    To create a new template, click Create new transfer start email template (A), Create new transfer success email template (B), or Create new transfer error email template (C) depending on the situation for which you want to send an email notification.
    The new template (D) appears listed under the default template.
  3. Rename the template.
    Click Edit Plain Template to open the plain text editor. Enter a descriptive name of this template in the Template name field. At this point, you can edit the template. For more information on editing templates, see Editing Email Templates. Otherwise, click Save to rename the template and return to the template preview page.
    Note: To ensure that information displays correctly in the email, edit both the plain text and HTML code versions of the template.
  4. Optional: Make this template the default template.
    Return to the Email Templates page by clicking the Email Templates tab. Find your renamed email template and click default.