Queue Transfers


The Console queueing feature provides two useful capabilities:
Important: Queueing only applies to transfers started from Console or via its API. Transfers started outside Console are not subject to queueing and do not count towards concurrency limits.
Concurrency limits are always assigned on a per-node basis, and per outbound or inbound direction. However, the overall, actual limit on a set of concurrent transfers between two nodes is governed by the node with the lowest limit. That is, if NodeA has an outbound limit of "2" and NodeB has an inbound limit of "1", concurrent transfers from NodeA to NodeB are limited to one transfer at a time, with subsequent transfers queued up in the order in which they were initiated.

Adjusting the Queueing Properties of In-Progress Transfers

If queuing is enabled on a node (see Configuring Queues for Nodes), the queueing properties of in-progress transfers can be adjusted in several ways:
  • Their relative priorities can be raised or lowered.
  • They can be paused and resumed.
  • The concurrency limit in effect can be raised or lowered.
  • Concurrency (and therefore queueing) can be disabled completely.
These adjustments can be made while monitoring the node from the Node Detail page. You can view the Node Detail page by going to Nodes and clicking on the node.
Tip: You can also reach this page from the Queing page on the current queue contents link next to an enabled concurrency limit.

On the Node Detail page, below the transfer chart, you may see the Inbound Queue tab, the Outbound Queue tab, or both. These tabs are visible if the node is configured with inbound or outbound queueing. Clicking the tab displays the node’s inbound or outbound transfers - both those currently in progress and those in the queue.

To view past transfers, open the Transfers tab. The Transfers tab also shows both outbound and inbound transfers, but does not include controls to promote, demote, pause, or resume transfers.

Controlling In-Progress Transfers

Icon Action
Pause Transfer
Resume Transfer
Promote Transfer to Highest Priority
Promote Transfer
Demote Transfer
Demote Transfer to Lowest Priority
Cancel Transfer
Highlight this session on the graph