Configuring Your Identity Provider (IdP)

  1. Provide the Console Entity ID, Assertion Consumer Service (ACS), and base URL. These are the endpoints that the IdP will use to retrieve information about the Console and deliver the SAML response.
    Entity ID: https://server_name_or_ip/aspera/console/auth/saml/metadata
    ACS: https://server_name_or_ip/aspera/console/auth/saml/callback
    Base URL: https://server_name_or_ip/aspera/console
  2. Set up the SAML attribute mapping to provide information to Console.
    The attribute mapping specifies which values to be extracted from the user datastore (LDAP, Active Directory, or database) and passed back to the Console as SAML assertions.
    Element Required?
    email yes
    given_name optional
    surname optional
  3. Extract the IdP certificate fingerprint (SHA1). The certificate fingerprint will be specified in Console and used to validate the SAML response from the IdP.