Starting a Smart Transfer

IBM Aspera Console can be used to initiate transfers between nodes when the Console user has the permission to start transfers. Console provides two types of transfer methods: simple transfers and smart transfers. Simple transfers are one-time transfer sessions that require entering all transfer information. Smart transfers are reusable templates with saved transfer settings.
  1. Go to Transfer to see all the smart transfers you have permission to access. For instructions on creating a smart transfer, see Creating a Smart Transfer.
  2. Find the smart transfer listed under Saved Smart Transfers and click Start.
  3. Optional: Modify the Transfer Name and leave a comment describing the transfer.
  4. Optional: Add new tags or modify existing tags.

    Click the button to add a new tag. Enter the tag name and the tag value. Click the button to delete an existing tag. Locked tags are greyed out and cannot be modified. For more information, see Working with Tags.

  1. Optional: Configure email notification options.
    Expand the Notifications section. Add or delete email addresses and configure notifications for existing email addresses. For more information, see Configuring Email Notifications.
  2. Optional: Schedule the transfer to run Now or Later.
    If you choose Later, click the button and choose the date and time you want the transfer to run.

  3. Click Start.