Transferring Files with an Endpoint Using SSH Keys

The objective of this example is to set up two nodes in Console to transfer files from one node to the other using public key authentication.
Note: For the purpose of this example, both nodes are Linux machines.
  1. Generate a private key as User A on Node A with the following command:
    # ssh-keygen -t rsa
    Choose the default location to store this new private key (Default is ~/.ssh).
  2. Make sure User A has read and write permissions for the private key file.
    $ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    $ chmod 644 ~/.ssh/
  3. Copy the SSH public key into User B's authorized_keys file on Node B.
    # cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~./ssh/authorized_keys
  4. In Console, add Node A as a managed node and Node B as an unmanaged node.
  5. Go to Configuration > SSH Keys and upload the private key to Console. This key should be paired with the public key copied to Node B.
  6. Go to Nodes and edit Node B. Click Endpoints and add a new endpoint. Choose to use the SSH key that was uploaded to Console.
  7. Make a transfer from User A on Node A to the saved endpoint on Node B.