SSH Keys

SSH keys provide a more secure way to authenticate than using passphrases.Console generally uses SSH keys for two purposes: You can store keys and find a list of existing keys by navigating to the SSH Private Key page in either of two locations: For more information on storing keys, see Storing SSH Keys on Console.
The steps to using an SSH key differs if you are using an SSH key to make a transfer or using one to make a transfer to nodes with endpoints that use SSH keys.

Using SSH Keys in Transfers

A user must add an SSH key in his personal preferences before he can use that key in a transfer. Even if the SSH key is configured in Console Configuration settings, if the user did not the key in his personal preferences, the key does not appear when he enters the credentials for a node to set up a transfer.

Making Transfers to Nodes With Endpoints that Use SSH keys

When making transfers to nodes with endpoints using SSH keys, the transfer user on the initiating node also needs to have the private key in the .ssh folder. For a walkthrough of this process, see Transferring Files with an Endpoint Using SSH Keys.