Enabling Async Server Node Reporting

By default, Console does not report transfers with a server that are associated with IBM Aspera Sync jobs or the Sync job information. If the server is a Console managed node and is runnning IBM Aspera Enterprise Server or IBM Aspera Connect Server version 3.1.5 or later, then it can be configured to report transfers and Sync jobs.
  1. Enable server activity logging for Sync jobs.
    Run the following asconfigurator command to enable activity logging for Sync jobs:
    > asconfigurator -x "set_node_data;async_activity_logging,true"

    This command adds the following text to the <default> section of the aspera.conf file, located at: C:\Program Files\Aspera\Enterprise Server\etc\aspera.conf.

    <CONF version="2">
  2. Restart the Aspera Node API service to activate your changes.
    Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, right-click Aspera NodeD and select Restart.
  3. Confirm Sync jobs and transfers associated with them are reported in Console.
    After initiating a sync session, go to Console and go to Activity > Sync Jobs page to monitor the job.
    Note: Sync job reporting (from the Sync Jobs screen) may not appear immediately.