Working with Filters

When given a large set of files, you can configure filters to determine what files watchfolders detects and transfers. Watchfolders support both globbing and regular expression filters.

To configure a watchfolder with filters, first add the source host to Console as a managed node. Then, follow the instructions below to create a new watchfolder and configure the Package List options.

Configuring Filters

Go to Activity > Watch Folders and click Create New Watchfolder or edit an existing watchfolder. Expand the Watchfolder Settings section.

Next to the Click the File filters field, click the button to add a new filter to identify file lists. You can set a filter to include or exclude files by globbing or by regular expression.

For example, to exclude text and backup files from a fileset, create two filters that exclude files that match the glob expressions "*.txt" and "*.bak".