Transfer Details


Details about a particular transfer can be accessed by clicking on a transfer shown in listings of past, current, and scheduled transfers. These lists can be found in three locations:

Ongoing Transfers

For an ongoing transfer, the Session Detail page provides the transfer monitor that displays current transfer status. You can control the transfer through the options shown at the top of the graph.

Important: The failed files counter may count "directories" if the network failed at some point or the user cancelled the transfer.

Finished or Failed Transfers

For a finished or failed transfer, the Session Detail page provides detailed information about the transfer's state, endpoints, and statistics.

The Session Files panel lists all files being transferred in this session. Click on a file to review its information. You can use the search box to show only specific files or groups of files.
Note: When searching for files, "*" is not a wildcard. Any string you enter is treated as a "search within". In other words, the string "foo" will match "123foo", "foo456", and "123foo456".

Multiple-Session Transfer

A multiple-session transfer is a smart transfer with more than one destination. In the Activity Overview page, clicking on a multiple-session transfer reveals all sessions in the transfer. To drill down to the particulars of each session, click the Session Detail button to open its Session Detail page.