Running a Report

Console requires you to finalize the report's run settings before running a report.
  1. You can initiate finalizing and running a report in the following ways:
    • Go to Reports > Run a Report. Select a built-in or custom report from the list.
    • Go to Reports and click the rerun link from the Actions column for a recently run report.
    You are redirected to the New Report page.
  2. Name the report.
  3. Run the report now or schedule it to run later.
    • Select Run Now: Run this report immediately.
    • Select Run Later: Schedule a report by setting the run date. You may also select Repeat to schedule a repeating report.
  4. Define the report period.
    Option Description
    Report on Select a pre-defined time period from the drop-down list.
    • last hour
    • last 24 hours
    • last week
    • month to date
    • last month
    • custom
    Start date Select the start date of this report. You must select custom in the drop-down menu to modify this field.
    End date Select the end date of this report. You must select custom in the drop-down menu modify this field.
    Time zone Select the time zone for this report.
  5. Enter values for your custom SQL variables under Report Parameters. If there are no values, no custom variables were specified for this report.
  6. Optional: Enter an email address and click the Add button to email a recipient a copy of this report.
    After adding an email address, select whether the report is sent as an XLSX or a CSV file.
  7. Optional: Choose additional file formats (XLSX and CSV). These files can be downloaded after the report has been generated.
  8. Click Run Report after finalizing your settings.
Your generated report is listed on the Scheduled and Recently Run Reports page. When viewing your report, you have the following options: