Advanced Transfer Mode

More options for initiating transfers, such as filters, security, and scheduling.

You can start a transfer in advanced mode to set per-session transfer options that override the default transfer settings. To initiate a transfer in advanced mode, right-click a file or folder to open the context menu and select Upload (in the client panel) or Download (in the server panel).

Start a transfer in the advanced transfer mode.

The advanced transfer dialog includes the following configuration tabs:

Tab Description
Transfer The transfer session-related options, such as the transfer speed and retry rules.
Tracking Options for tracking the transfer session, including the confirmation receipt and the email notifications.
Filters Create filters to skip files that match certain patterns.
Security Enable the transfer encryption and the content protection.
File Handling Set up resume rule, preserve transferred file attributes, and remove or move source files.
Scheduling Schedule this transfer.
Note: All configuration tabs, except Scheduling, are identical to those in the Connection Manager configuration screen. For information on these tabs, see Managing Connections. The Scheduling tab is described below.


To enable transfer scheduling, check the box for Schedule this transfer. When finished, click Transfer. The following scheduling options are available:

Option Description
Time Specify the transfer time.
Transfer repeats Select a repeat mode.

For a single transfer, select Does not repeat and select a time and date.

For a daily transfer, select Daily and select a start time and an end date (either Never or a date and time).

For a daily transfer on weekdays only, select Monday - Friday and an end date (either Never or a date and time).

For a weekly transfer, select Weekly, select which day of the week, and specify an end date (either Never or a date and time). Note that with this option you can specify more than one day of the week to set specific days when the transfer should repeat.

For transfers that should repeat more frequently than daily, select Periodically and fill in the number of minutes between transfers.

Scheduling a transfer.

When submitting a scheduled transfer, you will see it listed under the Transfers tab, along with an icon (Scheduled transfer icon) under the # column. To modify the transfer, right-click it and select Edit to reveal the transfer settings.

Edit a scheduled transfer.

Note: When scheduling transfers, ensure that the application is running. Scheduled transfers do not run when the application is closed.