Setting up Node Users

Using asnodeadmin to set up node users

The asnodeadmin program can be used to manage (add, modify, delete, and list) node users. For each node user, you must indicate the following:

Recall in the topic Node API Setup, we created a node user and linked this user to file transfer user aspera_user_1. For asnodeadmin usage, please refer to the topic "Node Admin Tool."

Important: Note that adding, modifying or deleting a node-user triggers automatic reloading of the conf and license files, as well as the user database.

Usage Examples

(All short options; use asnodeadmin -h to see the corresponding long options).

1. Add user “usr1” with password “pwd1” (will be prompted to enter if the -p option is not given) and associated transfer/system user “aspera”:        

# asnodeadmin -au usr1 -x aspera [-p pwd1]

2. Add user “usr2” with password “pwd2” and associated system/transfer user “root”:

# asnodeadmin -au usr2 -p pwd2 -x root

3. Modify user “usr1” by assigning it a different password, “pwd1.1”:        

# asnodeadmin -mu usr1 -p pwd1.1

4. List users in the current user DB:

# asnodeadmin -l

5. Delete user “usr1”:    

# asnodeadmin -du usr1