Setting Up Transfer Groups (Terminal)

Create system groups on your computer, and set up transfer settings for the group and its members.

You can set up transfer settings based on your system's user groups. If users within a group do not have individual transfer settings, then the group's transfer settings will be applied. Please note that APOD/SODEnterprise Server doesn't create user groups on the operating system for you, so you must ensure that the groups currently exist before adding them to your Aspera product. Follow the steps below to add user groups to APOD/SODEnterprise Server in a Terminal.

  1. Determine the user groups you would like to add to your Aspera transfer product.

    Ensure that you have an existing user group on your operating system, or create a new user group. Please refer to your operating system's documentation for information on creating user groups. APOD/SODEnterprise Server reads group information from the following file:

  2. Add the user group to your Aspera transfer product

    When a transfer group is specified, it overwrites global settings and applies group configuration to corresponding users. To add group-specific transfer settings, open your aspera.conf file with a text editor.


    You can access an example aspera.conf file at the following location:


    Add the following section to aspera.conf:

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <CONF version="2">
                   ... <!-- user-specific settings -->
                   <group> <!-- Each group tag contains a group's profile. -->
                      <name>aspgroup</name> <!-- The group name. -->
                      <precedence>0</precedence> <!-- Group precedence. -->
                      <authorization>...</authorization> <!-- Authorization settings. -->
                      <transfer>...</transfer> <!-- Transfer settings. -->
                      <file_system>...</file_system> <!-- File System settings. -->
                      ... <!-- Another group's settings-->

    See the following sections for precedence, authorization, transfer, and file system configuration options:

    Category Description
    Configuration Precedence When a user is a member of multiple groups, the precedence setting can be used to determine priority.
    aspera.conf - Authorization Connection permissions, token key, and encryption requirements.
    aspera.conf - Transfer Incoming and outgoing transfer bandwidth and policy settings.
    aspera.conf - File System Docroot, file and directory creation, access permissions, block sizes, and so on.
  3. Verify your configuration.

    When you have finished updating the group's settings in aspera.conf, use the following command to verify it (in this example, verify the group asp-group's settings):

    $ /opt/aspera/bin/asuserdata -g asp-group