Testing a Locally Initiated Transfer

Test client functionality by transferring to and from the Aspera Demo Server.

To make sure the software is working properly, follow these steps to test download and upload transfers between your system and the Aspera Demo Server:

  1. Download test files from the Demo Server.

    The first test is to download a test file from the Demo Server. The transfer command is based on the following settings:

    Item Value
    Demo Server address demo.asperasoft.com
    Login account aspera
    password demoaspera
    Test file /aspera-test-dir-large/100MB
    Download location /tmp/
    Transfer settings Fair transfer policy, target rate 10M, minimum rate 1M, encryption disabled.

    Use the following command to download, press y to accept the server's key, and enter the password demoaspera when prompted:

    $ ascp -QT -l 10M -m 1M aspera@demo.asperasoft.com:aspera-test-dir-large/100MB /tmp/

    You should see the following session messages. The description from left to right is explained below:

    The ascp transfer status.
    Item Description
    100 MB The name of the file that is being transferred.
    23% The percentage completed.
    23 MB The amount transferred.
    509 Kb/s The current transfer rate.
    11:59 ETA The estimated time the transfer will complete.
  2. Upload test files to the Demo Server.

    When the file is downloaded, try uploading the same file back to the Demo Server. Use the command to upload the file (100MB) to the Demo Server's /Upload directory. Enter the password demoaspera when prompted:

    $ ascp -QT -l 10M -m 1M /tmp/100MB aspera@demo.asperasoft.com:Upload/