Configuring Token Authorization With aspera.conf

  • You have created a transfer user on your server.
  • You have set up the transfer user with an SSH public key as described in Setting Up Token Authorization.

The examples below use a transfer user called aspera_user_1.

  1. Locate aspera.conf and open it with a plain-text editor
  2. Add an authorization section for the user
    In the following example, the user section for aspera_user_1 contains an <authorization> section that specifies the following:
    • a <transfer> section specifying that both incoming and outgoing transfers (in and out) should use token encryption
    • a <token> section with an encryption key, which should be string of random characters (at least 20 recommended)

    Alternatively, you can configure token-authorization settings in a <group> section to be applied to all users in the group. Or, you can configure the settings in the <default> section to apply them globally for all users.