Application Overview

Desktop application overview.

To launch the application, execute the following command in the shell:

$ asperascp

The application GUI appears as follows:

The application overview
Item Description
A The transfer mode. Reveal the local/remote file browsers.
B The transfer details mode. Show the selected transfer session's details and the transfer control options.
C Bring up the Connection Manager window to manage the remote endpoints.
D Set the local computer's default transfer settings such as the FASP global bandwidth and the number of simultaneous transfers in the queue, and the SMTP server's information for transfer notifications.
E Browse the local file system to find files to transfer.
F When not connected, this panel shows connections that lists the saved connections. When connected, it becomes the remote file browser.
G Display previous, ongoing, and queued transfers. Manage the priority.

All options in the File Browser, including the file browser's contextual menu (Mouse right-click):

File browser
Item Description
A Path indicator/selector.
B Go to the parent directory.
C Create a new folder.
D Choose between the list views and the detail view.
E Create a new folder.
F Bring up the advanced upload or download window.
G Decrypt the selected file if it is encrypted with the content protection.
H Choose between the detail or the list views. Refresh the folder.
I Options to manipulation the selected files.
J Show the selected files' properties.