Global Bandwidth Settings

Allocate the global bandwidth for FASP file transfers.

Aspera's FASP transport has no theoretical throughput limit. Other than the network capacity, the transfer speed may be limited by rate settings and resources of the computers. This topic describes how to optimize the transfer rate by setting up the global rate settings.

To set global FASP bandwidth, bring up the application and select Tools > Global Preferences. Global bandwidth can be set by administrators only.

Launch global preferences.

In the Global Preferences dialog select Transfers, and enter the download and upload bandwidth values in the System-Wide Settings field and click the checkboxes to enable the settings.

The preferences window.
Item Description
System-Wide Settings The aggregated bandwidth cap for all FASP transfers on this computer.
Default Target Rate The initial download and upload rates for all transfers.
Maximum Active Transfers The maximum number of concurrent upload transfers and download transfers.

To create global bandwidth using the command line, open the aspera.conf (/opt/aspera/etc/aspera.conf) with a text editor. The following example sets the global bandwidth with these values:

Item Value
Upload bandwidth limit (outgoing): 88 Mbps (88000 Kbps)
Download bandwidth limit (incoming): 99 Mbps (99000 Kbps)
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<CONF version="2">
    <trunk>          <!-- Create a Vlink with 88000 Kbps bandwidth cap. -->
      <id>108</id>   <!-- ID: 108 -->
    <trunk>          <!-- Create a Vlink with 99000 Kbps bandwidth cap. -->
      <id>109</id>   <!-- ID: 109 -->

  <default>   <!-- Global settings.-->
      <out>   <!-- Use Vlink ID: 108 for global outgoing bandwidth. -->
      <in>    <!-- Use Vlink ID: 109 for global incoming bandwidth. -->

The global settings for download and upload bandwidth limits cannot be reset by non-admin users. However, users can view the global limit from the My PreferencesTransfers dialog. They can also adjust the default target rate and maximum number of active transfers.

My Preferences can be opened from Tools > Preferences or from the Preferences button in the upper-right corner of the application window.