Aspera Watch Service and Watchfolders

The Aspera Watch Service (asperawatchd) is used to monitor changes to file systems by taking snapshots analyzing the difference between them. You can use ascp commands to transfer updated and new files to a remote machine. The output from asperawatchd can also be used by Aspera Watchfolders to automatically transfer new files added to a source folder to an Aspera node (described below), as well as by Aspera Sync (see Aspera Sync Admin Guide.)

The Aspera Watch Service

The Aspera Watch Service (asperawatchd) is a file system change detection and snapshot service for speed, scale and distributed sources. It discovers changes (new files and directories, deleted items, and renames) in source file systems immediately as they occur, eliminating the need to scan the file system.

Requirements:Desktop Client comes with asperawatchd and no additional license is necessary. Watch Service commands are run from the command line.

Aspera Watchfolders

The Aspera WatchFolder service enables large-scale, automated file and directory transfers including ultra large directories (>10 million items) and "growing file" sources. Watchfolders uses input asperawatchdto automate file transfers from a source folder to a destination system. Watchfolders runs on the client side only and the recipient Aspera server endpoint does not need additional software components to support receiving data. Operators can specify local or remote post-transfer processing steps to be executed once the drop has been transferred.

Requirements: You must have a valid, watchfolder-enabled license installed. Watchfolders can be managed through Aspera Console or using the command line.