Configuration Precedence

The priority of user, group, global, and default settings.

Connect Server gives precedence to settings as follows, where user settings have the highest priority and default settings have the lowest.

(1) User

(2) Group(s) (If a user belongs to more than one group, a precedence can be set for each group.)

(3) Global

(4) Default

If a user is a member of multiple groups, a precedence setting can be assigned to each group. The following table shows the setting values that a user aspera_user_1 is assigned in bold. In this example, aspera_user_1 is a member of both the admin and xfer groups. The admin group's precedence setting is 0, which supersedes the xfer group's setting of 1:

Options User aspera_user_1's Settings Group admin's Settings Group xfer's Settings Global Settings Default Settings
Target rate 5M 10M 15M 40M 45M
Min rate n/a 2M 8M 3M 0
Policy n/a n/a Low Fair Fair
Docroot n/a n/a n/a /pod/$(name) n/a
Encryption n/a n/a n/a n/a any

You can configure a group's precedence from the GUI or by editing aspera.conf. To configure it from the GUI, launch the application and click Configuration.

Click the Configuration.

In the Server Configuration dialog, select the Groups tab, choose a group, and select the Precedence tab. (The Precedence tab does not appear if there are no groups.) Click the Override checkbox to override the inherited value (default), and enter a precedence number for the group.

Note: A group's precedence setting must be greater than or equal to 0, where 0 is the highest precedence level.
Configuration precedence

Before assigning group precedence by editing aspera.conf, first ensure that the groups have already been added in the application, so that they will appear as entries in aspera.conf.

Locate the aspera.conf file as follows:


In the file, locate the entry for each group, add the <precedence> option, and assign a precedence value as shown in the example below.