Setting Up Watchfolders

A watchfolder is an automation of file transfers from a source to a destination system. Files placed into a source folder are automatically transferred to the destination. It runs on the client side only and the recipient Aspera server endpoint does not need additional software components to support receiving data. Using the REST API provided by the asperanoded service, a user can create, remove, query and modify watchfolder instances. The asperanoded service forwards requests to the corresponding watchfolder instances over Redis.
Important: You must have a valid, watchfolder-enabled license installed.
  1. Configure asperawatchd and watchfolderdin aspera.conf.
    The file is located at /opt/aspera/etc/aspera.conf. Add or edit the following text such that in the <watchd> section, <enabled> is set to true.
  2. Start the asperawatchd service.
    # service asperawatchd start
  3. Start the asperawatchfolderd service.
    # /opt/aspera/sbin/asperawatchfolderd
  4. Create a Node API User and map it to the root system account. The user must be root to interact with asperawatchfolderd.
    # /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -a -u node_username -p node_user_password -x system_user --acl-set impersonation
    For example:
    # /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -a -u watchfolder_user -p X245lskd3 -x root --acl-set impersonation
    Adding, modifying, or deleting a node-user triggers automatic reloading of the user database and the node's configuration and license files. For more information on the Node API, see your transfer server's administrator guide.
    Note: The Node API user must map to a user with root / sudo privileges.
  5. Verify that you correctly added the node user.
    # /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -l

    The output should resemble the following:

                    user       system/transfer user                    acls
    ====================    =======================    ====================
        watchfolder_user                       root          [impersonation]
At this point, the source host is configured to start watchfolder instances. You can start watchfolder instances using IBM Aspera Console.